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Blog Stats

  • Over 100,000 monthly unique visitors
  • Over 300,000 monthly page views.
  • 40,000 RSS/email subscribers.
  • Ranked among the Top 500 blogs in the world according to Technorati.
  • Ranked among the Top 100 marketing blogs in the world according to AdvertisingAge.

Audience Profile

  • Virtually  my readers include all different people as long as they are living being the fact that my blog deals with health and medical issues . Medical students,medical/health professionals,the sick and other ordinary people including blog owners, visits my site. 
  • Most of them spend money online regularly (e.g., purchasing web hosting, medical eBooks, online services, medicines,healthy living products and so on).
  • 50% of our readers spend time looking for better health products,services and tips.
  • There is a new trend of visitors spending more time on my site than ever, that i a potential sign that they can spend on things they see on this blog.

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