About us

Myhospitall is a private clinic dedicated to provide quality health care to its clients.
Myhospitall clinic is being  prepared to provide the best service to include new technology on health care services therefore you may notice changes in the way services are provided if you tend to visit the facility more frequently

Our misssion

To provide health care services for improved quality of life and longevity.

Our motto

Helping You Live Longer

Our services

Myhositall provide the following services

Our staff team

Myhospitall has a team of qualified health care  professionals that are self motivated with the aim of helping individuals have a good quality of health and improved longevity.

Our team consists of: 
2 Clinical physicians
2 Nurses.

Our contacts 

We can be reached through the following:
1.Email: Info@myhospitall.org
2.WhatsApp/Call :Call/whatsApp